Art students usually complain that there is no place to represent them and help them sell their work. It is not only discouraging but also takes a toll on them since they feel as if their work is being unappreciated. On average, art students spend a lot of time, effort and money on their craft. From buying expensive art supplies to spend days and nights completing projects; it takes a toll on them. And usually their works of art might be displayed at their school or gallery but later on the pieces stay with them or in storage, gathering dust.

Hence, has decided to provide young artists with this very platform. A website which serves as an online store where they can sell online their artwork which they do not need anymore. The best part about this Ecommerce store is that the artists get 60% of the paintings selling price while the rest of the money is going to be taken by

However, has promised to give some of the profit back to schools in the form of contributing to their scholarship fund. Hence everyone involved benefits from With the amount of students getting representation because of this online store, it is a great way for them to gain exposure.

And for those who are art connoisseurs and collectors, this is a great way for them to snag some pieces of amazing art from budding artists at lesser prices that they would be at in the future. The pieces are all moderately prices since all the artists involved are young one who are just entering the industry. This is the first of its kind online store which does its business online in selling art work by young artists still in school.

If you are a young artist still in school, then it might be a good idea to sell some of your art at this online store so that you can make a little bit of extra money to finance your education or other expenses.

You do not need to go out in search for art galleries where you will meet with various art sellers and then negotiate the money you will get as well as their commission. You can escape that entire lengthy process just by registering on this website and selling your art online while you relax and wait for the orders to roll in.

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