When you think of an online store you usually might assume that the store has no physical presence and thus has no physical store. This however, is wrong. Most stores are now setting up an online store to conduct business online so that they can reach an even wider audience.

Ecommerce has taken off in the last few years with millions of online business sprouting up to sell online their wares and services. Much like them, the Australian retailing giant Myers has decided to enter the online store game as well.

They did so with the help of Bulletproof; an online cloud solution service. With the help of Bulletproof, Myer’s was able to sell their products on a variety of different websites such as eBay, Amazon, Groupon and others. This integrated cloud solutions approach has help Myer’s reach an even bigger audience with the help of ecommerce.

Since it is a tough job to sell online with a dedicated staff clocking orders round the clock, with the help of Bulletproof, orders will be recorded even when someone is not there to look over the process and the information regarding the orders will be saved and can easily be viewed by employees who next check the online store and its orders.

A lot of people might be wondering why a retailing giant like Myer’s needed to be involved in the online buying and selling game in the first place since the company already makes millions through its outlets. The answer is simple; so the company can make more money and be even more successful.

Myer’s will be able to reach customers it never thought it could through its physical stores. Everyone shops online these days hence people are enthusiastic about setting up an ecommerce business. The internet reaches far and wide and has a bigger reach than a physical store does.

While a physical store will attract people who are located in the vicinity. An online store can attract people from all over the world. You have a bigger audience and a bigger target market.

With Bulletproof, all of Myer’s online retailing data facts and figures will remain safe and can use accessed by the company at all times. Cloud based solutions are becoming increasingly popular and Bulletproof is cashing in on this by utilizing its technology for online stores and online retailing.